5 French songs for kids and beginners (5 chansons françaises pour enfants et débutants)

Voici 5 chansons (songs) parfaites pour les enfants et débutants:

where a clown describes his clothing
and jumps to the ceiling!
where a poor postman is not able
to deliver the mail!
where a snail tries to go to the fair,
to school and on vacation!
where we will go to the woods
to pick some cherries!
where we will follow a day in the life
of skeletons! <

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My name is Lucie. A French native speaker, I was born in Normandy and grew up in the suburbs of Paris. I am a full time French Tutor online and in the Indianapolis area (West side).

1/ Experience:
I worked 2.5 years at the International School of Indianapolis and have extensive experience with tutoring young kids in an immersion setting. I can also help middle/high school and college students reinforce their knowledge of the French language, help with homework or with the AP French test. Finally, if you are planning a visit to France, I can assist you with preparing for your trip.

2/ Classes and location:
Each lesson is tailored to the needs of the student and follows the goal they want to achieve. For example, with some of my adult students, we simply spend an hour having a conversation in French. Whereas with children, we play games, sing songs and read French comic books.

I usually meet my students online (Skype or or at public libraries. I can meet at the Browns…

La chanson des cornichons (the French pickle song)

Les cornichons, par Nino Ferrer (1966)

A/ Vocabulaire

le beurre la bière une biscotte un champignon